Purchase and Sale

For many years we have been selling and purchasing model railways. We offer all kind of gauges with Z-N and HO gauges describing the main part within. Your inquiry will always be worthwhile no matter whether you need engines, rail cars or additional accessories. (image: Bahn1.jpg caption: Märklin - gauge 0 - HR 66/12920) Our engines and rail cars are in good or very good condition and still available at a reasonable price. Even models which are no longer available in trading can be obtained at good prices. Simply ask us if you are interested in collectibles or engines for your model train set only - it is quite possible we can help you! (image: Bahn2.jpg caption: Märklin HO - "ST 800") Model cars in different measures are permanently in stock as well. Collectors of Wiking cars are among our regular customers. Perhaps you might be interested in gauge 0 plate railways or in plate toys of the 20ies thru 40ies: you will always find a suitable offer in our shop. (image: Bahn3.jpg caption: SBB Ce 6/8 "crocodile", gauge H0/N/Z) It goes without saying that we are also very much interested in purchasing the above mentioned articles and much more. (image: Bahn4.jpg caption: Märklin gauge 0 Nr.1855 and "Elastolin") Contact and dispatch outside Germany shall be no problem since many customers from Europe and outside have acknowledged our prompt and reliable dispatch transactions. (image: Bahn5.jpg caption: Liliput gauge H0) #Payment For the payment you have two choices: - Pay with your VISA- or Mastercard by PAYPAL.COM - Transfer the money cashless to my account (transfer-costs are on your side) (image: paypal.png height: 40) More information about PayPal here.